Marawi Crisis Emergency Response

As of September, the number of people affected by the Marawi crisis has reached 360,000; 50,000 of which are children.

Months since the clash erupted, World Vision continues to work alongside government agencies, humanitarian groups, and local partners to respond to the immediate needs of the displaced families. Our first emergency response has provided hygiene kits, mosquito nets, fleece blankets, drinking water, learners’ kits, and temporary learning spaces to 2,000 families. However, there is still much more to be done and more families who need assistance.

Help the children and families displaced by the crossfire.

Your donation will be used to provide the continuing needs of children and families displaced by the Marawi crossfire.

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1000  PHP

  • The cause

    World Vision’s relief response will focus on the urgent needs of displaced families by providing emergency hygiene kits, non-food items, learner’s kits, and temporary learning spaces.

  • How can a donation help?

    Recognizing that children and communities face multiple risks from natural hazards, conflict and the effects of climate change, we promote resilience in both our programs and policy advocacy.

  • Where does the money go?

    We work hard to make sure that all funds bring maximum support to children and communities in need.