Help end sexual exploitation of children

It takes a world to end sexual exploitation of children. To do this, we believe it is important to equip families with knowledge on how to protect children from sexual exploitation and other forms of online and offline abuse and to empower survivors to have restored lives. Join us and be part of the movement.

Your donation will be used to provide life skills for children and parents on laws and their rights and responsibilities pertaining to online safety. It will also help us provide life-saving after-care kits for rescued children.

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  • The cause

    In the past months there has been an alarming rise in the reported cases of sexual exploitation of children in the Philippines. World Vision is committed to stand and speak out to protect children from harm, grieving with the abused, and seeking restoration.

  • How can a donation help?

    Children from marginalized groups are the most vulnerable to sexual abuse. World Vision aims to reach three million children and to protect them from sexual exploitation and other forms of online and offline abuse.

  • Where does the money go?

    World Vision will fight sexual exploitation of children by raising awareness and providing shelter support and after-care kits to survivors.