Disaster Preparedness

Due to the Philippines geographical location, natural disasters are a common incidence. Help us to quickly respond to emergencies beforehand. Your donation helps World Vision prepare for emergencies by pre-stocking and positioning life-saving supplies and ensuring trained staff are on the scene quickly. Your support also enables World Vision to commit to long-term rehabilitation of devastated areas as well as emergency relief work where it's needed most. Donations to the Disaster Preparedness Fund assist people who need it most in disaster-stricken areas, wherever that may be in the country.
  • Our Action

    Community development, while focusing on children, goes hand in hand to create lasting change. We focus on projects for clean water, health, food, education, child protection, disaster response, and Christian value formation in every community.

  • Our Vision

    We believe that every child should live a life in all its fullness. Together with your help, we fight poverty at its roots and help children experience fullness of life.

  • Financial stewardship

    In 2011, 89% of donations collected are allocated to program services, 7% of all donations collected are allocated to our operating costs & 4% are allocated to our fundraising activities.