Batangas is located about 92 kilometers south of Manila. It is a famous destination for its beautiful beaches.  Farming and fishing are the main source of family income.  There is also a high rate of overseas workers coming from the province, leaving children in a single parent managed home. In the poor and vulnerable provinces of Batangas, there is a high percentage of household without access to safe water.  Instances of child labor helping in agricultural industries are also prevalent. 


Children and youth in Batangas face challenges in education and child protection on a daily basis as they come to and from school. Through the help of sponsors & partners, World Vision facilitated the workshop as children participate and voice their concerns to the village leaders. World Vision also engages the community leaders of as they identify problems, resources, and opportunities in the area of livelihood. The partnership workshop involved a daily devotion, discussions, role-playing, structured learning activities, and planning.

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