Channels of Hope

HIV and AIDS in the Philippines are described as ‘hidden and growing’. With the increasing numbers of Filipinos going in and out of the country, cases of human trafficking, sex trades, lack of information, lack of health services, and inadequate response of government agencies on the issue, Filipinos are in danger of being infected of the HIV and AIDS epidemic through sexual and non-sexual (e.g.,blood transfusion and mother-to-child). The 2009 Integrated HIV Behavioral and Serological Surveillance (IHBSS) report showed Fillipinos afflicted with HIV and AIDS is steadily growing. The report shows that since 2001, number of new cases in the Philippines has increased by 334%.


The Channels of Hope (COH) is World Vision’s response and initiative to address the issues on HIV and AIDS.  COH brings hope to all people whose lives have been impacted and affected by HIV and AIDS. COH equips people with correct information about HIV and AIDS, assists individuals to be more compassionate in dealing with people living with HIV, and engages with local churches and faith communities to respond positively.


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