What to Expect as a Sponsor

Feel the joy of Sponsorship!


You get to see your sponsored child and their community reach their full potential! You will be helping not just a child but also their family and community


Once you become a child sponsor, we will help you create a one-on-one relationship with them.

  • Within the first seven days of your sponsorship, you’ll receive a welcome kit from us. It will provide you information about your sponsored child.
  • You will also be receiving an annual progress report to keep you up to date with your child's progress.  It has information about their community, including photos, so you can find out more about how your child lives – giving you a real glimpse into their world.
  • You can also send a letter to your child, introducing you and your family to them. You can write to him or her as often as you like.


Start your journey today by sponsoring a child in the Philippines.