World Vision observes the month of February as the Civil Registration Month


World Vision observes the month of February as the Civil Registration Month. The birth certificate, among other civil registry documents, is the most important document one should have because it serves as an access to our basic rights and services. A legal identity also serves as a protection from any form of exploitation and abuse especially to children. An estimated 7.5 million Filipinos have still not had their birth registered, with the largest under registration rates found among Muslim and IP groups. Having an efficient and responsible civil registration means ensuring every person in the Philippines has proper legal identity.

We stand with the Child Rights Network (CRN), a solid alliance of at least 46 child-focused agencies pushing for children’s rights legislation in the Philippines, as it recognizes birth registration as one of its justice agenda for children.

We call for the 1) passing of a national law for an efficient, accessible and responsive Civil Registration and Vital Statistics (CRVS) system, 2) waiving of fees on delayed registration at the local level, 3) institutionalizing mobile registration that promotes access and services to the people who really need it, and 4) sustaining efforts on effective awareness and capacity building on CRVS.


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