World Vision joins Malabon DRR activity


The local government of Malabon along with other NGOs working in the city end the Disaster Consciousness Month with activities related to disaster preparedness.


Several booths were set up inside Robinsons Mall in Malabon City. Adults and children who visited each booth learned about being ready for disasters. Participants who visited all the booths were given gifts.



For its part, World Vision shared stories on preparedness during typhoons, earthquakes, flooding and volcanic eruptions in a storytelling activity.


“Storytelling is one of the most effective ways to educate young children on what they should do when disaster strikes,” says Carol Cabading, World Vision’s Disaster Risk Reduction Specialist for Luzon.



In many of its areas, World Vision has been working with children in drafting preparedness plans in their communities. This becomes part of the community’s overall preparedness plan.—World Vision/August 2, 2017


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