World Vision appeals to Filipino voters to Vote For Children

As the 2019 Philippine general election approaches, World Vision strengthens its call for voters to support candidates who have clear platforms for social issues that affect children.

In an interview with Net25’s Agila Balita, WVDF National Director Rommel V. Fuerte explained the reason behind World Vision’s call to #VoteForChildren. “Children comprise more than 20% of the Filipino population, but they are still too young to participate in the elections. With #VoteForChildren, World Vision aims to give children the platform to speak about social issues that they want the country’s leaders to prioritize.”

In 2016, World Vision organized a National Children’s Congress where youth representatives from different parts of the Philippines gathered together to talk about the social concerns that directly affect them. Some of the issues raised include education, health and nutrition, drug use, child exploitation and child abuse, early pregnancy, disaster risk reduction management, and economic development.

“World Vision appeals to Filipino voters to examine each election candidate’s platform to see if they have concrete plans to address issues affecting children,” Fuerte said. “When we vote for children, we also vote for their future.”


Executive Director Rommel Fuerte says it is essential that the voices of children be heard.
because the coming Philippine Election is an opportunity for children’s voices to be heard.

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