Students happy to receive new ICT classrooms


“I’m excited to use these computers!” Jasmin, a Grade 5 student exclaimed after seeing the newly constructed ICT classroom in her elementary school. “We will surely learn a lot now on ICT.  Previously, we used a small classroom and our computers were limited; not all students are able to use a computer. We usually waited for our turn.”


Jasmin is one of the many students who will benefit from the new ICT classroom that World Vision and its partner organizations donated to six schools in Malabon under the i-Like ICT Project. The project provided each school with 30 computer desktops, new tables and chairs, a LED TV projector, two air conditioning units, and a two-year Internet subscription, among others.



The i-Like ICT stands for Innovative Learning Infrastructure and Knowledge Enhancement on Information, Communication and Technology. It aims to address the lack of computer facilities in six schools in Malabon. The total student population in these schools is 25,811 but the available computer units are only 287. This keeps students from learning as much as they can about computer technology.


The lack of computer facilities in schools has been a big challenge in the Philippines where the learner-to-computer ratio at the primary and secondary level of education are 412:1 and 49:1, respectively, based from the UNESCO 2014 report. Internet availability is also poor with only 7% internet and broadband availability in primary schools and 40% in secondary educational institutions.



“Thank you for your kindness in recognizing that we have many students that need assistance in terms of modern technologies. Your donations will help all of us especially when we talk about quality education,” Ghail, a student from one of the beneficiary schools, said.


Dr. Helen Grace Go, Schools Division Superintendent of Malabon, also showed her appreciation to the newly constructed ICT classrooms. “We should take care of these facilities because these are a blessing for us,” Dr. Go said to the school principals present during the turnover ceremony held recently.


The i-LIKE ICT Project is supported by World Vision partners Life Insurance Social Contribution Committee, Community Chest of Korea, and Samsung Life Insurance.World Vision/January 3, 2018


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