World Vision supports schools with low scores on school safety

Antique, Philippines – World Vision donated Disaster Risk and Reduction equipment to schools last July 31 to strengthen the capacity of schools to prevent and mitigate emergencies.

The organization donated a set of fire extinguisher, sets of whistles and flashlight,water pails, plastic water drum, and first aid kits such as Isprophyl Alcohol, bandages, Surgical Masks, Digital thermometer, Sterile gloves, over the counter medicines.

The DRR sets were distributed to three elementary schools. The selection of the school  recipients was based on their scores of the yearly conducted Comprehensive School Safety Framework monitoring tool. It is a mechanism adopted by the Department of Education to assess the school’s safe learning facilities and Disaster Risk and Reduction learning of the students and teachers. The three schools belong to the bottom part of the list.

During the distribution of the DRR equipment, a World Vision staff also shared life-saving information on COVID-19 risk prevention to a few participants who joined the turn-over activity.

This project is an effort of World Vision to support schools as they prepare to adapt its new multi-modal learning approach this upcoming class opening. Though face to face learning mode is not yet allowed, the parents can access the DRR equipment especially the first aid kits if an emergency occurs at home.

Story by Mong Jimenez and Racy Dador, Antique Program Officer