Robinsons Supermarket and Unilever Unite for Bags of Hope



Unilever and Robinsons Supermarket donate more than 29,000 survival kits to the students affected by the Taal Volcano in Lemery and Laurel, Batangas. World Vision is supporting more than 4,300 children in the province of Batangas, 2,300 of whom are just 20 kilometers away from the volcano. With the decreased level of alert, residents living outside of the 4.3-mile (7 km) danger zone were given an option to return to their homes. Children also started going back to school, but still with fear that the eruption has brought them.

The Philippines ranks as the third most disaster-prone country in the world due to the frequent occurrences of typhoons and presence of tectonic faults and active volcanoes all over the country. Disasters have placed a tremendous burden to affected families and communities, as they cope and survive from tragic catastrophes. Most of all, children are uniquely vulnerable to the adverse effects of disasters and climate change. World Vision’s priority is to improve the resilience of communities, especially children, against disasters and give them a safer environment to live in.

Through the Bags of Hope, more than 29,000 students received basic hygiene kits and provision for mask and whistle which they can use in cases of emergency.  

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