Guild Solutions Inc. Gives Hope to the Most Vulnerable Children

Guild Solutions Inc. supports the most vulnerable children thru World Vision’s child sponsorship

World Vision’s Director for Resource Development Jun Godornes, Guild Solutions Inc.’s CEO and President Ian Moses, and Guild Solutions Inc.’s COO and Vice President Engelbert Nolasco


World Vision continues to communicate the importance of focusing on the needs of the children as the country continues to be in a crisis brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. The children, most especially those belonging to the poorest of the poor, are amongst the most vulnerable and at risk at this time.

World Vision launched “Give Hope” campaign to inform the public of simple but significant ways ordinary people can contribute and participate in the efforts being done by the organization that do not only meet the physical, but most especially the psychosocial and spiritual support needed by the children affected at present. One can model generosity, inspire others and be an instrument of kindness and all of these would definitely go a long way. By sponsoring a child, a sponsor is able to “give hope” that lasts a lifetime.

One of those who responded to this call for support to “give hope” in the midst of this pandemic is Guild Solutions Inc. who has just recently signed an agreement with World Vision in the Philippines. Guild Solutions Inc. is fully-owned subsidiary of Guild Group in Australia, a company that offers a wide range of financial professional services.

“The Guild Group in Australia is a diverse set of companies which share a common purpose to support our clients and the communities who rely on them. As Guild sets foot in the Philippines, we believe it’s important to partner with an organization and contribute to building a better future for this country,” said Ian Moses, President and CEO of Guild Solutions, Inc.

In this partnership, Guild Solutions Inc. commits to sponsoring 10 children from our most vulnerable communities. This will allow these children to go to school for the next three years. “We expect this will be the first of many ways in which Guild will support local communities,” added Moses.

“We are thankful to Guild Solutions for their gift of child sponsorship to 10 children. Years from now, we imagine these kids growing up and fulfilling their dreams and helping other people as well. God bless you,” said Rommel V. Fuerte, National Director of World Vision in the Philippines.


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