Enrico Menichetti and Victor Consunji go the extra mile for children in need

Going the extra mile means giving a little bit of your time to others and this is exactly what good friends Enrico Menichetti and Victor Consunji did to help Filipino children supported by child-focused humanitarian organization World Vision.

From April 8 to 16, Enrico and Victor challenged the Marathon Des Sables, also known as the “toughest foot race on earth,” held across southern Morocco. The race, which spanned 250 kilometres and lasted for 7 days, was no easy task. To reach the finish line, runners had to overcome dunes, tough terrains, and extreme heat and exhaustion.

But Enrico and Victor persevered, especially because their run was also a charity fundraiser aimed to give underprivileged children access to clean water, proper nutrition, and better education.

On May 6, 2018, the duo turned over the fruits of their fundraising run to World Vision.

“We always felt like this shouldn’t be just us running, there should be more than this. I knew about World Vision but what struck me was how it was about how helping a community can result to helping children. It’s not about taking care of the schools or books. It’s more than that. It’s about fixing the problem, the root cause,” Enrico shared during the donation turnover. “Luckily it was there because every moment of the race was like ‘why?’”

The fundraiser’s success would not be possible without family members, friends, and supporters who rallied behind Enrico and Victor’s cause. Victor’s wife, beauty queen and TV host Maggie Wilson, took to Instagram to invite people to join the fundraising run.

While the runners raced across the Moroccan Sahara, generous givers headed to Enrico and Victor’s fundraising page to donate and help the duo reach their target. Many individuals showed their support by donating any amount they could give and sending words of encouragement.

“I want to say thank you to everybody who supported us, who did their own little bit,” Victor said during the donation turnover. “Before the race, it was a worthy cause. During the race, I was such in extreme pain that I really honestly did not think I would have continued if I was doing this just for myself. In some ways, World Vision kind of saved me. It gave this race and the effort so much more purpose and I’m happy that somebody else will now benefit from all this.”

World Vision/May 6, 2018


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World Vision is a global Christian relief, development and advocacy organisation dedicated to working with children, families and communities to overcome poverty and injustice. World Vision serves all people, regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, or gender.


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