World Vision Development Foundation (WVDF) intentionally partner with churches even during crisis times

Churches play an important role especially now in the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Through online consultations, face to face meetings, learning sessions, and prayer times with church leaders, together we learn and exchange valuable insights with church leaders especially in the area of providing counsel and psychosocial support to respective communities.

The feeling of inadequacy of faith leaders not having enough knowledge and skills are hoped to be addressed and strengthened.

Recently, WVDF in partnership with the local churches put together a series of training webinars to enable and motivate church workers in providing the basics of Psychological First Aid and self-care within a framework that integrates the Christian faith in helping people find wellness, well-being and resilience even during the pandemic.

During its launch, about 58 invited church leaders from all over the country gathered online for the kick-off of the 10 training modules on self-care and PFA, which will be continued.

In the next weeks every Tuesday from 9am to 12nn. Participants will have the privilege to learn from one of the most respected psychologist in the country Dr. Violeta Bautista as lead trainor of the program. Dr. Bautista is also an active board member of World Vision in the Philippines

Additional resource: Pastor Choy Magdaong