First Complete School Kit

The first complete school kit for a child

could open a whole new world of possibilities.





Imagine if a child

had all the tools she needs for a brighter future.


At a young age, Mhicaela, 7, has seen how her family struggled in life this year. Her town was almost buried in ashes when Taal Volcano erupted. And just as Mhicaela’s family has started rebuilding their life, another problem had befallen upon them: COVID-19.


Mhicaela’s mother, Melody, shared, “My husband recently landed a construction job abroad. We thought it would be ok from then on. But COVID came. And everything is back to zero. My husband has no work abroad now due to COVID.”

As a mother of three young children, Melody has to be strong. “Though I noticed that what happened to us has an effect on Mhicaela’s study,” she shared. World Vision recently provided Mhicaela with new school supplies to support the new school method. Seeing the new notebooks, papers, and pens, Mhicaela’s eyes glowed with anticipation. “Are all these mine?” she asked from a World Vision staff, who nodded in confirmation. The young child’s eyes glowed and excitedly checked the contents of the school kit. Melody also smiled.


“She is always excited to receive school supplies from World Vision at the start of every school year,” she said, adding that if not for the support of World Vision sponsors, she would have probably been cashing out Php1,000 to buy her daughter’s initial school needs.

As the new year starts, imagine if you can make 2021 count by being a source of hope and new dreams for the needy? Imagine if, because of you, children like Mhicaela will finally have a chance to experience a New Year of Firsts.


Begin 2021 by changing the life of a child – for good.


Make the new year count.