New Year of Firsts

What if you can begin 2021

by changing the life of a child – for good?


2020 hasn’t been what any of us expected but you can begin anew.


Imagine if this year,

you are able change not only a child’s life, but also their entire community.


Imagine if through you,

children will  able to experience a series of firsts and a lifetime of change into their lives.


Begin 2021 by empowering a child and their community to break free from poverty, for good.

With your sponsorship, children can be gifted with the first stepping stones towards a future of hope and a life beyond poverty:


first clean water in the community

 first complete school supplies

 first full meal on the table

 first time a child feels safe


Make this year count by taking the first step to transforming a child’s life  

and unlocking a world of firsts for them and their community.


Sponsor a child today and start of a whole new year…for both of you.