Naturally grown vegetable garden, an ideal source of income


Philippines – Parents are transforming their backyards to vegetable gardens after learning that they can sell vegetable products with very low capital.


Through natural farming, parents in rural communities do not need to invest a lot of money to grow their vegetable products. They can make their own fertilizer out of organic materials, which they can get from their surroundings. They can also improvise their own alternative for pesticide and use it without exposing their products to harmful chemicals.



The vegetable growers earn from this livelihood venture by selling it to a nearby market or to their neighbors. Their products are in demand among buyers because of the ‘naturally grown’ factor. “Customers are now more health-conscious and would prefer to buy our vegetables,” says Merlita, one of the growers.


World Vision trained these parents about natural farming methods to help them in their livelihood and to encourage healthy living at the same time.


“It feels good to sell our products to our customers knowing that we grow it through natural farming,” Merlita adds.World Vision/February 2, 2017


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