Mothers craft personalized toys for kids

By Arnann Jay Agosto | Communications Specialist – Childhood Rescue Project

MARAWI CITY, Philippines – Several mothers from the cities of Cotabato and Marawi, south of the Philippines, were happy to show the toys they created for their children in a recently concluded Go Baby Go event of World Vision.

With over 200 mothers and caregiver participants, Go Baby Go showed ways to better care for and support children under three — the age where the child brain’s develops more — by using appropriate activities.

Sittie Laila, a mother of four, shared her experience with Go Baby Go! “Through Go Baby Go taught me the importance of maintaining a positive attitude, vaccination for my baby, and prioritizing self-care. Negligence is not an option because our children depend on us.”

Another mother of three, Jona, was thankful that she joined the training. “I am grateful for this because Go Baby Go taught us many things as mothers, especially regarding our babies’ health. As mothers, we also need to manage stress effectively.”

Part of the Go Baby Go training is the toy creation session where caregivers and parents create toys and activities to develop a child’s literacy, numeracy, and physical and socio-emotional skills.

Toys were created using things that can be found at home.

“Children learn best when they are playing. Playing with their children contributes to the parents’ or caregivers’ well-being and at the same time develops the bond between the child and the parents/caregivers,” Adonis Casinillo, a father himself and Childhood Rescue Project manager, said.

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