Why Child Sponsorship

World Vision helps transform a community through child sponsorship.


Child sponsorship is an answer for a long-term solution to poverty that cripples families and steals hope from children in the Philippines. It is one little thing that every Filipino can do for the country.


Your monthly pledge of P750 is pooled with those of other child sponsors in the Philippines. Pooling together resources/ donations enables World Vision to maximize the productivity of every peso.


Working together with local staff and community leaders help create healthy environment and hopeful futures for children and their families with essentials like education, skills training, nutrition food, agricultural assistance, safe water, and health care.



These lasting changes give your sponsored child and other children in the Philippines the chance to grow into adults who can provide for themselves and their own children and contribute to their community. At that time with the goals of the project met, World Vision’s role within the community comes to an end.