Helping kids be one with nature


Sheila Mae volunteered to help plant some of the 4,300 mangrove seedlings in her community in Iloilo. The young volunteers cleared the area of garbage and planted the mangroves to protect the land from erosion and to create a better ecosystem for fish. “I believe each child can contribute something, do something good, not only for their parents, but for the environment as well.”



Annalou loves walking in a field full of flowers every day. For her, the blooms are not just a source of beauty but also a source of livelihood. Aside from selling salted fish, Annalou’s mother Esther takes care of flowers and sells it to earn more income. She was able to improve her business after being a client of VisionFund Philippines.



Maria and her friend Analiza are taking bold steps to fight climate change and protect the environment by planting mangroves in their community. Thanks to World Vision, they were provided with the venue where they can be warriors for the environment.



Children in the Doljo region play in the crystal blue waters in the Philippines. For Jake and Alvin, the ocean is their playground. For their uncle Deodoro, it is a source of income. Deodoro is a VisionFund Philippines client. He helps the entire community by providing jobs and incomes to families through his fishing business.



Ralf Daniel carries on the lessons on environmental protection after attending the National Children’s Congress, organized by World Vision. Having introduced by the practical ways to save Mother Earth, Ralf Daniel is committed to be a champion on environmental protection.


“Planting tree seedlings is important to replace those that have been cut down. I believe this tree will prevent future disasters,” says Ralf Daniel. “It’s not yet too late. Besides, we’re never too young to save our Mother Earth.”World Vision/June 5, 2017


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