Great love, a grandmother’s love

CEBU CITY — John was diagnosed with Sepsis, a blood infection that causes him to have recurring seizures.

The eleven-year-old’s mother left him when he was still a small child. His father, who works as a laborer, earns minimum wage which is hardly enough for their family’s needs.

But John has his grandmother, Josephine, who never leaves their side.

“I have been taking care of him ever since he was a small child,” says Josephine. “Seeing him happy makes me happy.”

Josephine accepts massage requests from their neighbors to augment their family’s income, sometimes, she’d also accept food orders when their neighbors have small celebrations.

When John was hospitalized, Josephine had to hold on to every hope there was to fight for her grandchild’s life.

“There were times when I’d feel hopeless, but I believe there’s God, I just kept on praying, I keep on praying. I prayed that God may keep me strong so I can be strong for my grandson—for our family. I never want to give up on him, and I know He won’t forsake us,” she shares.

Josephine even bought a basketball for John when he got out of the hospital. She says her grandchild likes the sport.

“We like to show it to him when he’s awake. He’d respond through his eyes,” Josephine says.

Josephine believes it’s a miracle that John is still alive despite his condition. She believes her grandchild is a fighter, and she’s willing to fight with him.

“I just wish for him to finish his studies, but for now, I really just want him to be able to go about life again,” says Josephine.

Her faith in God is what keeps her strong and her dreams for John is what keeps her going.


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