About #GiveHope

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Why should I support?

One of the reasons why many children in the Philippines cannot attend school is because most poor parents could hardly make ends meet to even prioritize buying school supplies for their children. This harsh reality poses greater risk for children as they miss out the promise of education and a better future . Some are even forced to work and get exploited. This simple campaign gives you an opportunity to give hope and encouragement to such children. Donating school kits can go a long way to help them get closer to their dream of finishing school which is a ticket to overcome poverty and have a better future.


If most school children will likely be learning from home, are school kits still essential?

Yes. Schools may be closed but the learning never stops! Children will still need school supplies to study and enhance their learning even from home whether in a blended or digital learning, as prescribed or guided by DepEd.


What are included in a World Vision school kit?

Contents of the school kit will be grade level-specific to ensure that the children will receive appropriate supplies that the children need.


Who will benefit from my donation?

Your help will make an impact in the lives of more than 28,000 children living in the poorest of the poor communities nationwide assisted by World Vision.


How can I donate specifically for the education of the child?

You can give hope to a child by doing any or all of the following:

1. Donate school kit by giving Php 500 per child 

School Kits

2. Sponsor a child by giving Php 750 a month


Aside from donating, how else can I participate and support children’s education with World Vision?

There are many other ways, you can:

Be an advocate: join us by giving your voice to the voiceless and sharing about this need to your friends and family. Start Here

Be a fundraiser: Start your fundraising page (via Joy to Give) and raise funds for the children

Be active and join the World Vision Virtual RunRun For Children 2020


#GiveHope DIY Paper Dolls

This is a quarantine or any-day activity for the kids. Create a paper doll kit!


1. Print the paper doll templates (right-click the image below and save as image).  You can use card board, card paper to print the paper doll images as you would like. Or using glue stick or glue secure it to a card board, then carefully cut out the doll and each part of the doll’s outfit.

2. Dress the Dolls. Once the clothing pieces are cut, you can also add ribbons, buttons, sequins or anything else your kids want. Everything can be secured using a glue or glue stick.

3. Store the materials in a box or basket so they’ll be ready anytime the kids want to play. Use an old  box, glue and scissors, add and cut out adorable prints and patterns to cover the box too!

4. Have Fun. These paper dolls will keep your kids happy and occupied for hours! Unleash your kid’s creativity. 


Hi! My name is Boyet. I love to play basketball.

I miss my teachers and classmates. I am excited to go back to school.

GIVE HOPE DIY Paper Doll - Boy

Right-click image to save and download


Hi! My name is Annie. I want to be a chef someday.

I am excited to use my new pens and coloring materials!  

GIVE HOPE DIY Paper Doll - Girl

Right-click image to save and download