12 Hour Famine

What is the Famine?

The Famine is a movement of youth who are passionate about fighting hunger - they call themselves 'hunger-fighters.' They come together and raise money to help hungry children and their families - it's that simple!

In the Philippines, the 12-hour Famine is the biggest youth movement against hunger. Famine participants learn about hunger, raise funds to help hungry kids, and experience hunger for themselves for 12 straight hours.

Why Support the Famine?

Millions of children & families in the Philippines suffer from hunger and malnutrition everyday. Joining the Famine is your chance to do something real to make lifelong change possible for these people. It doesn't require too much, just your willingness to help. Every peso raised can be life changing not only for the hungry but for you, too.


Where will the Funds Raised Go?

All Famine funds will help communities suffering from poverty and hunger so families can have better chances of surviving.


The money you raise will not just give children food that will last them for a week. Instead, their community will be given income opportunities so families can afford decent food. Farming families will not just receive some ration of rice, but tools and lifelong trainings so they can regularly harvest food crops. Communities will be given water systems so children can have access to clean drinking water.


You're not just helping families for a week or a month, but are equipping them to find hunger for a lifetime!