Each new year brings new hope for many. For some, though, it could be another year of uncertainty, of hunger, and of waiting.

We all have a chance to make this year different. Why not give a child the chance to create a fresh new start? It could be the first act of kindness he or she has received in a long time.

Help a child imagine a brighter future this 2022.

Give aid through Child Sponsorship

Child sponsorship provides long-term solutions and life-changing essentials like clean water, food, healthcare, and education to children in need.

Sponsoring a child is one of the most personal, effective ways to fight poverty. Your donations are combined with those of other sponsors to lift your sponsored child and their community out of poverty. Sponsorship also gives you the chance to build a connection with your beneficiary, allowing him or her to see a world beyond their communities.

Your sponsorship can give children hope that a brighter future awaits. Many sponsored children were able to achieve greater things than what was previously possible, all because someone invested in them. Your support  of Php 750/ month helps your sponsored child and his family break free from poverty, enabling them to build a sustainable future.


Sponsor a child today, and empower a community to break free from poverty, through water, nutrition, access to education and health.

Every 60 seconds, a hungry child is fed.

Today could be the FIRST time in a long time a child doesn’t go to bed hungry.

Find out what it means to be a child sponsor, and the impact it makes.

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