Experiencing generosity


Former sponsored child Salvador is giving back to his community by being a volunteer Alternative Learning System (ALS) teacher in Sarangani. ALS is a non-formal education for out-of-school youth in the country that aims to give every Filipino the chance to complete basic education.

“When you have experienced the generosity of other people, especially strangers, it will impact your life. I am giving back because someone I haven’t even met also invested in me while I was growing up – my sponsor,” he shares.

Salvador finished his Elementary Education degree in June 2017 and passed the licensure exam in the same year. While he was waiting for his board exam results, he decided to spend his time as an ALS teacher.


Surrounded by generosity

Salvador is the fourth among seven children. His father used to be a coconut farmer, earning about P4,000 (USD80) to P5000 (USD100) each month. It was barely enough to support the family’s daily needs, especially the children’s education.

“Father was doing the best he could to support us but there were seven of us. My first encounter with a stranger’s generosity was when my third sibling, who is now an army officer, got into World Vision’s sponsorship program. Help started to pour in.”

“But it felt more personal when I also became a sponsored child and experienced generosity first hand,” he adds.

More than the school supplies, livelihood support and the financial help he was receiving throughout his student life, Salvador is most grateful for how his personality as a person was developed.



“Looking back now, I am most thankful for my involvement in the different children events like children’s congress, culture of peace and other activities that helped me hone my leadership skills.” His exposures, according to him, gave him the confidence to step up, become a child protection advocate through his active participation in the barangay council for the protection of children and be an inspiration to other children.

“Every time I teach in the ALS program, I tell the young people about my story and how, they, too can reach their dreams.”

Salvador is keen on pursuing his becoming a teacher this year but said that for as long as he can, he will be an ALS volunteer.

“Who I am today is because of God, my family and because of the help from other people like my sponsor. My siblings and I grew up surrounded by generosity and I want to bring that same attitude with me, now that I am a professional,” Salvador smiles. Although they haven’t met face to face, he hopes his sponsor from Canada will be proud of him.World Vision/April 6, 2018



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