Every step you take is one they won’t have to. Join tens of thousands of people around the world to walk or run in the 2021 edition of the Global 6K for Water, the world’s largest family walk, run, and fundraiser for clean water!

The Global 6K for Water is a collection of people from all over the world walking and running 6K for the same cause – clean water. 6K (3.73 mi) is the average distance that women and children in developing countries walk every day for water that is often unsafe to drink.

How will this work?
1. Register at TAKBO.PH – choose your distance and opt to add on donation or event shirt
2. Complete and track your run
3. Submit your results to receive your e-certificate!

Just visit website or go to to sign up.

Don’t forget to use the following hashtags:
#Global6KForWaterPH #OneRunForChildren #WorldVisionRun