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Watch Replay: Children Speak Out Against Violence during COVID-19

Urgent Call to Governments for Intervention to Protect Vulnerable Children

How can children and young people contribute to the fight against COVID-19?
REPLAY: More than 100 child participants across East Asia convened with government officials to discuss the increased instances of child violence experienced during COVID-19 at World Vision’s Asia Pacific Child Well-Being Learning Exchange forum. #LetOurVoiceBeHeard #WVAPACLearningXChange

Watch Replay: Brigada Kwela Eskwela


Session 1

FUN: How to enjoy learning beyond the confines of conventional schooling

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Session 2

FLEXIBLE: How to make time and space at home conducive for fun learning

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Session 3

FAMILY-FRIENDLY: How to make the learning experience a fun family bonding moment

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Session 4

CHALLENGE ACCEPTED: Challenges in homeschooling and reading comprehension and their solutions

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Session 5

READING FOR BEGINNERS: Teaching children how to read using the Marungko and Fuller Technique and assessing their functional literacy

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