Donate now to help survivors of the Nepal Earthquake

Nepal has not yet recovered from a devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake when another 7.4 earthquake hit on Tuesday, May 12th. More than 8000 people were killed, but figures are expected to rise as rescue efforts continue. Families affected by the Nepal Earthquake need help urgently. Your donations will provide emergency shelter, potable water, food and life saving essentials.

World Vision has already begun distribution of sheltering supplies and established its first Child-Friendly Space. It plans a response for 100,000 affected Nepalese. The most immediate needs will be temporary shelter, potable water, food, household supplies, and protection for children.


Three months after the 7.8 magnitude earthquake that hit Nepal on 25 April 2015, World Vision has now reached over 132,881 people across seven districts affected by the disaster that left 8,856 people dead on its heels. Over eight million people were estimated to have been affected in 14 worst-affected areas, close to a million of them are children. The last 8.2 magnitude earthquake that happened in the country was 81 years ago in 1934. 



World Vision is in the worst-affected areas of Lamjung, Gorkha, Bhaktapur, Lalitpur and Kathmandu Districts.  Your gift will be directly applied to the emergency response and rehabilitation activities of World Vision in the affected areas.