When you partner with us, you're helping families move from poverty and you're helping them change their lives for the better. We'd like to encourage you to care about the needs of less privileged Filipino people, to understand the causes of poverty, and to offer a compassionate response. These efforts include collaboration with media and community participation in fundraising.


While Child Sponsorship is our most encouraged means of giving, donations for specific causes such as emergency aid, educational assistance and livelihood are also needed.


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Child Protection

Sponsor a child in Leyte and help change a life The best way to help a child overcome poverty and injustice is to help his community become a better place to grow up in.

Give where most needed

Give where most needed World Vision allocates resources and optimizes each contribution by placing them in projects where the community needs it most. That’s why a general donation to World Vision is a great choice.

Disaster Preparedness

Disaster Preparedness Due to the Philippines geographical location, natural disasters are a common incidence. Help us to quickly respond to emergencies beforehand.

Economic Development

Economic Development Working hand in hand with the community, World Vision aims to improve the lives of children in the Philippines by offering grants to entrepreneurial families and communities living in poverty.