‘Dear Future Barangay Officials’: World Vision Children Write Letters to Future Barangay Leaders

The 2023 Philippine barangay elections is only a few days away. Before the aspiring candidates win and take office, children from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao penned letters to the future barangay officials to remind them that their leadership will have a significant hand in shaping children’s well-being and future.

In her letter, 15-year-old Nadine enumerated issues that she believes future local officials should prioritize in their barangay in Visayas. Nadine’s list included infrastructure development and improvement, comprehensive waste management programs, sustainable livelihood opportunities, and community engagements where barangay residents, including children, can voice out their concerns and be heard. “I recognize the role that you will play in ensuring the safety, welfare, and development of our barangay,” Nadine wrote. “By working together as a united community, we can overcome all obstacles and create a barangay that flourishes in every aspect.”

Meanwhile, Coleen, a young student from Luzon, told her future barangay officials the values she hopes they would embody. For Coleen, good governance begins with good character: “Isa sa aking mga hinahangad ay magkaroon ng isang namumuno na tapat, may sinseridad, may puso para sa mga bata, totoo, at hindi manloloko.” Coleen hopes that the Sangguniang Kabataan will continue initiating projects that are inclusive to every child.

On behalf of the children in his community, Hafid, a student council president from Marawi, promised to support future leaders by educating his fellow students on the rights and responsibilities of a child. “Sisikapin po naming pag-aralan ang mga Karapatan at responsibilidad namin bilang isang bata at magkaroon ng mga orientation sa bawat grade o bawat silid aralan,” he wrote. Every election, World Vision encourages citizens to vote for children, and consider their welfare by involving children in conversations concerning their education, health and nutrition, and protection. World Vision hopes to empower children to become active and informed citizens today and in the future.

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