Dapat Ready sa Lindol

Earthquakes can happen anytime anywhere. Be prepared when it strikes.


A survey conducted by World Vision in 2015 showed that out of over a thousand people, more than half are unprepared for The Big One or the possible 7.2 magnitude quake generated by the West Valley Fault.



Be prepared. Before anything else, it is imporant to check if your house is safe from earthquakes. When was the house constructed? Has it been damaged by past earthquakes or disasters? What is the foundation of the house made of? These are just few of the questions that you can use to evaluate the safety of your own home.



When an earthquake does strike, don't panic. Drop, cover and hold! Conduct earthquake drills in your home and in the office so that you can familiarize yourself with the best safety procedures and exits that you can use to keep yourself safe.—World Vision/August 1, 2016



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Dapat Ready!


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