Mother achieves sweet victory through cake business

Maricris, a 47-year-old housewife, helped her family rise above poverty by starting a business which she can earn up to P40,000 per month.

Before she started her business two years ago, the mother had to manage the P6,000 salary of her husband to provide for their five children.

Her husband works as a utility staff in a seaport in the province Samar. He comes home only once or twice a month to save more money since his workplace located far from home.

“It was really hard back then because the salary of my husband wasn’t enough to spend for my children’s basic needs especially their school expenses,” shares Maricris.

It was in that situation that the mother knew that she had to do something to help her husband earn. She started cooking lunch meals and sell it in a school cafeteria. However, her income was still not enough.

When she learned that her sister-in-law was baking cakes, she found an opportunity to learn the business. She volunteered to help her sister-in-law and they were able to produce more cakes. From a 50-cake production, they increased it to a hundred which are sold out especially during the Christmas holiday.

After months of learning the business, Mariciris decided that she can already start her own bake business. She finally established Cake Land, her business name, in 2018.

She started with limited equipment and ingredients but she has a new business partner that help her invest to grow her business.

“I joined a community savings group named CoMSCA in our neighborhood. It is where I save money and borrow some for my business,” she shares.

Maricris’ first loan amounted to P20,000 which she used to buy sacks of flour for her ingredients. Her 2nd loan which amounted to P25,000 was used to buy a bigger mixer. She bought more baking ingredients during her 3rd loan amounting to P10,000.

With the new equipment, she can already produce more cake. Last Christmas holiday, she was able to produce 500 cakes and earned around P40,000.

“I am happy of our situation right now because I am in a place where I can improve my business and earn more for my family,” the mother shares. “Our earning is very helpful especially that most of my children are already in college where the expenses are more expensive,” she adds.

During the pandemic, Maricris’ cake business wasn’t affected. It was boosted even more especially that people who are staying at home order food more often.

“I am thankful to CoMSCA for allowing me to grow my business. To work a business, it requires hard work and good financial management to make it successful,” shares the joyful mother/businesswoman.