‘Children have dreams as well’ – youth advocate

By Roxanne Angelika S Dela Cruz | Field and Emergency Communications Specialist

BUKIDNON, Philippines – Nineteen-year-old Ness lost count of how many years she has been an active advocate against child violence and child rights. But she has never lost the passion to fight for her advocacy.

“It’s very important for me because children are very close to my heart. It’s always such a heartwarming feeling to see their smiles and realize that these children have dreams as well,” Ness shares.

As much as children are close to her heart, she’s also crushed that children are suffering and do not have equal rights and access to the privilege that other children have.

Ness finds child rights having the lack of attention in their community. She’s aware that a lot has been done already, but there is a lot more that is yet to be done.

She calls out to leaders to acknowledge the fact that there are a lot of pressing issues that concern inequality among children.

“Children need help, the world needs to heal, it is something that all of us should be responsible for, especially the people in power,” says Ness. “They have the power to secure a much better and brighter future for the children,” she adds.

“I really hope for a much more peaceful society. A society where these children can enjoy their freedom and their rights. I want them to have the same privilege to push for their dreams and goals in life,” she voices out.

In the many years that Ness has been a volunteer for children protection, she has never been demotivated to push for their rights. Instead, today, she’s more driven than she was before.
“I am motivated to fight for them, and to build a future that is healthy and peaceful for these children,” she exclaims.

“They have a lot of stories to tell, they have a lot of dreams that are so inspiring to achieve. It motivates me as somehow it lifts the heaviness of volunteer work, and somehow makes things easier.”

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