‘Child sponsorship inspires to become a better person’

MALABON — Khristine has been a child sponsor with World Vision since 2019, and has been helping one child. In her four years as a child sponsor, she said that it taught her one thing: relationship-building.

“What I love about being a World Vision child sponsor is actually more than just the sponsorship, but it’s a relationship with someone who inspires me to become a better person,” Khristine said.

She added that during the pandemic, she felt confused and uncertain about things. But one thing that motivated her was receiving a letter from her sponsored child.

“What my sponsored child wrote in the letter was ‘I can’t wait to finally meet you.’ I held on to that during that time.” Khristine’s meet up would her sponsored child eventually happened this year.

The writer was one of the 27 sponsors who participated in “Lakbay Pagasa” last June 24, where they visited Malabon, one of World Vision’ 10 area programmes in Luzon. During the said program, they were able to meet their respective sponsored children. Among the child sponsors present was World Vision celebrity ambassador Jasmine Curtis-Smith.

‘Modern heroes’

Meanwhile, for couple Angelli and Joseph, who are child sponsors of six children, what they love about their role in shaping the lives of sponsored children is seeing their progress.

“What I love about being a child sponsor is that I get to see the progress of the children that we are sponsoring. We are happy if they have graduated or even do good in school, so it’s fulfilling to help several children,” she said.

“We started in 2012 with just one, and through the years we decided to add more because it’s really good to share your blessings to these children,” she adds.

Joseph had this realization about child sponsors during the Lakbay Pagasa event: “For me, it’s about seeing people really volunteering for this work. They dedicated a large portion of their lives and they’re not expecting anything [in return] but just to do it, so I really appreciate those people. I think they are the modern heroes of our country.”

Gifts, activities

For 13-year-old Princess, what she loves about being a World Vision sponsored child is the gifts she receives from her sponsor, as well as joining activities conducted by World Vision.

“What I love the most about being a sponsored child is that I get to receive gifts from my sponsors, as well as the things I learn from various activities, which, my friends also join in as well,” Princess said.

‘Not a one time thing’

During the Lakbay Pagasa event, Jasmine thanked her fellow sponsors for taking their time in meeting their sponsored children, and encouraged them that they’re involvement in the children’s lives doesn’t end after the event was over.

“I hope you write [to the children] every now and, perhaps, when there’s another community visit, you join in again because sponsorship is not a one-time thing; it’s not a one-time vocation,” Jasmine told her fellow sponsors.

“Even when [the children] grow up and graduate, you can keep in touch with them. That relationship you build with them can nourish all of us and keep us all on the ground as well,” she added.

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