World Vision launches contest for innovators to solve problems in communities


Child-focused development agency World Vision will soon launch a contest dubbed “The Social Innovations Challenge” – an open competition for entrepreneurs  to initiate breakthrough-solutions or innovations to address prevailing social problems in communities currently assisted by World Vision in the Philippines.

“We need to do something on the issues that are too big for one child, one family, or even one village to tackle alone”, said Cecile Eugenio, World Vision Business Development Manager, “Children are the ones also greatly affected by the challenges in the communities. And it will be difficult for them to endure if things remain the same- especially problems on accessing their basic needs such as water, food, and education. Everything that we are doing is to help children thrive eventually in the communities where they live.”

Here are the reasons why the country’s entrepreneurs , should get themselves involved in World Vision’s Social Innovation Challenge:

  • Their efforts are focused on creating an idea that can change the lives of many for the years to come
  • They will have a chance to launch their idea in real community under  World Vision
  • Their winning solution will be polished, funded and implemented  with technical and advisory support from World Vision and local experts

World Vision envisions a better world and environment for children. Through the Social Innovations Challenge, it hopes to spark brand new ideas and practices, which will inspire sustainable solutions and change in the country — one community at a time.

“While helping children is at the heart of World Vision’s commitment, we also want to see as many people do their share in addressing the social problems and challenges in the communities. Through the Social Innovation Challenge, we encourage new ideas and solutions to improve the lives of Filipino children and their families”, World Vision Executive Director Rommel Fuerte said.

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