Regaining Hope: Pia’s road to recovery

Negros Occidental, Philippines – Pia is unlike any other regular child. She is a resilient one. When she was born two years ago, she was diagnosed with having Down’s Syndrome. This caused her to suffer many physical ailments. The doctors also discovered that she also has Congenital Heart Disease. Pia was advised to undergo heart operation to avoid life-threatening health complications.

Despite what she is going through, Pia remains a jolly child. Her mother, who is a housewife, is very fond of taking care of her.  “I can see that Pia is a fighter. Despite her young age, you can see her overcoming her condition by being cheerful all the time,” shares Jennelyn, the mother.

For now, the family could not afford to send Pia for a heart operation. His father, Allan, works as a local veterinarian whose income is around P1,000 per month. He only earns additional income if there are requests of vaccination services from the neighbors.

Albeit short-funded, the parents are seeking other ways to make the heart operation happen. Pia’s older siblings support her healing. They take turns in taking care of her when their parents are busy.

The past months, Pia has found more reason to be jolly. World Vision is committed to support her medical needs including transportation expenses for her heart check-up in Manila.

This is a promising road to Pia’s recovery. Thanks to World Vision donors and supporters for making it happen!

“I am very thankful to those who are helping my child heal. May God bless you more!” shares Jennelyn.


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