Merriest Christmas: Little kids, big dreams



MANILA — Ten-year-old Maria Victoria is a shy kid at the first glance. Despite being young, she already has a dream in her tender age: She wants to go off to see the world.

“I want to be a flight attendant because I want to ride an airplane and see other places,” shares Maria Victoria.

Like her, Grade 3 student Marie shares the same dream. She declares: “By becoming a flight attendant, I’ll to travel the whole world!”

Meanwhile, 11-year-old Jomar may be small, but he already carries patriotism in his heart as he vows to protect the Philippine waters someday.

“I dream of joining the Philippine Navy someday so I could protect the seas of our country,” Jomar jubilantly says, as he even does the snappy salute — as if he is ready to serve for his motherland.


All three children are child sponsors of World Vision. They share their gratefulness as World Vision has made their lives better in many ways.


For Jomar, World Vision helped him read better thanks to the Brigada Pagbasa program, where selected learners undergo remedial reading classes with an aim to foster the habit of reading among children. “World Vision has helped me write and read better. I also received a new bag and school supplies thanks to them,” he says.


Same goes for Maria Victoria, who, aside from receiving school supplies, says that World Vision has helped her appreciate eating healthy foods.

“When I eat fruits and vegetables, I am able to study better, help my mom with chores around the house and have the energy to play with my friends,” Maria Victoria shares.

“For me to be healthy, I eat fruits and vegetables, drink clean water and take exercise,” she adds.

Marie, for her part, is grateful for everything World Vision has done for not only her, but other children as well. She also wishes that for this Christmas, she is able to finally reunite with her other family members, especially play with her cousins.

“Thank you, World Vision, for helping me in my studies. I also thank you for extending your help not only to me, but for other children as well,” she says.


This Christmas, you can help make dreams come true for children like Jomar, Marie, and Maria Victoria by becoming a World Vision child sponsor.

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