Young Lydel has a message to her generation

Lydel believes that she is resilient. With the many challenges she and her family had to overcome, she thinks that it helped her become a strong person.

In 2013, a 7.2-magnitude earthquake hit her province. As young as her mind back then, 3-year-old Lydel can still vividly remember what happened. The ground trembled so strong that they were forced to stay in a tent on an open field, fearing that their house which suffered enough damage would collapse and hurt them. Lydel said that she was very afraid and held on to her mother all the time.

A year after, her parents went through a family problem that eventually led to their separation in 2019. The young girl shared it was the most challenging and hurtful experience she had to endure.

“My mother and father always had disagreements and it affected us, their children. I always end up comforting my mother and my younger sibling,” 11-year-old Lydel shares.

“But that experience only made me, my siblings and my mother grow closer together,” she adds.

Then, the pandemic happened.

Everyone is affected but the children are the most to suffer. Physical classes has stopped and turned into printed lessons and tests while outdoor play is not yet allowed. The restrictions have taken a toll to the youngsters’ overall development.

Lydel, on the other hand, doesn’t seem bothered with the new normal. “I understand why children are not allowed to go outside. It is because for our own safety. We risk our lives if we go out especially that our body is not strong enough to fight the virus,” she shares.

“My advise to my fellow children is to follow the instructions of the adults because they know better on how to protect us. Eat healthy food like vegetables and fruits and exercise regularly,” Lydel continues to share.

She also shared her number one secret on how she and her family overcame their problems before. “Do not forget to pray. Trust that God has control of everything.”

Lydel is also a World Vision sponsored child. She receives educational support and her family is also provided with livelihood opportunities. She claims that the most significant intervention she received are the child-focused activities she attended along with her friends.

“My most favorite lesson I learned is preparing against any disasters especially against natural calamities like typhoon and fire. I can relate to it because I already went through many problems in life and it is very important to stay ready and prepared,” concludes Lydel.