Globe Platinum Provides Learning Materials #ForFutureHeroes

Globe Telecom, under their Globe Platinum Brand has partnered with World Vision to provide for the educational needs of the students of BASECO compound thru their #ForFutureHeroes Campaign.

With the current COVID-19 pandemic still affecting the entire world, there was a need to shift into modular and online learning to meet the educational needs of the children. With this campaign, Globe Platinum aimed to provide materials needed for the shift in educational requirements.

Globe Platinum has launched a series of online events for their Globe Platinum subscribers to fundraise and to provide school materials and learning modules needed by the students to adapt to the Distance Learning Education requirements by the Department of Education.

Last October 9, during the official opening week of the school year 2020-2021, World Vision, in partnership with Globe Platinum, distributed its first batch of school materials and learning modules to the Grade 6 students of Benigno Aquino Elementary School (BAES) in Baseco Compound, Manila as part of the #ForFutureHeroes campaign.

The distribution was done in the presence of BAES Principal, Mr. Graciano Budoy, Jr., and Officer in Charge Mrs. Lolita C. Akim, who were in charge with the current distribution in the school. The complete kit includes a Globe Platinum x World Vision backpack, school materials such as pens, pencils, notebooks, pad paper, ruler, and calculator, as well as learning modules and worksheets needed by the students for the Distance Learning Program mandated by DepEd. These items will definitely provide support for the students who are already feeling the effects brought about by the various changes in the education system due to the pandemic.

The campaign has already reached more than 500 beneficiaries during the first distribution, and aims to provide hundreds more in the succeeding distributions in the coming months. Overall, the campaign aims to support more than 1000 children in the hopes that this simple gesture will inspire them to strive for greater things and become our Future Heroes!