Caring for Communities


To live a full life, children must be in a community that can support their most basic needs. 


Caring for Communities is a recurring gift program that allows you to contribute to a cause that is most meaningful to you and the community that you support. Through your regular gifts, you help provide improvements in communities in terms of livelihood, child safety, and disaster resilience.


Be our Partner and care for a community today!



Where will my donation go?



Building sustainable livelihoods


Help families increase their capacity to provide the basic needs of their children. When you care for a community’s livelihood, your monthly donation of at least P500 will help us: 


  • Increase the productivity on agri-fishery through natural farming methods
  • Link small businesses to markets
  • Provide skills training for employment or entrepreneurship to parents and youth
  • Provide parents and caregivers access to basic savings and credit services to reduce shocks from financial distress




Keeping children safe


Empower communities to prevent and respond to violence affecting children by strengthening child protection mechanisms. When you care for the safety of children in a community, your monthly donation of at least P400 will help us:


  • Increase children’s knowledge about their basic rights and responsibilities
  • Provide opportunities for children to be involved in their local communities’ child protection councils
  • Increase the awareness of teachers, parents, and local community leaders on important child protection issues
  • Orient and train children and community leaders on child protection laws and how to handle child protection cases





Preparing for disasters


Reduce the impact of natural disasters and improve the resilience of the communities affected. When you care for a community’s disaster preparedness, your monthly donation of at least P300 will help us:


  • Help schools and communities establish child-focused disaster risk reduction measures
  • Help identify and establish functional early warning systems in communities
  • Strengthen the capacity of community members to prevent, mitigate, and prepare for the negative impacts of hazards
  • Be ready to immediately provide life-saving assistance to the most vulnerable during disasters


Your monthly pledge is pooled with those of other World Vision Partners in the Philippines. Doing so enables us to maximize the productivity of every peso you give.



What to expect as a Partner 


By choosing to care for the basic needs of the most vulnerable communities in the Philippines, you also help create a brighter future for children.


  • Within the first seven days of your sponsorship, you’ll receive a welcome kit from us. It will provide you information about your chosen community.
  • You will also be receiving monthly reports via SMS, quarterly reports via email, and a copy of our annual report to keep you up to date with the status of your chosen communities.
  • You will be given the chance to be invited in various World Vision events.


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