Global Week of Action

Five-day-old Chris Dave breastfeeds from his mom Cerlyn, partially covered with the orange breastfeeding scarf of World Vision.  He is exclusively breasfed, which means that he has not been fed any other liquids since birth except his mom’s milk, because that’s what he only needs. In his hometown of Daanbantayan-North Cebu, 235 moms received breastfeeding kits, encouraging them to breastfeed exclusively, especially when natural disasters happen and disrupt the feeding routine for the young ones.  Breastfeeding is the foremost practice to prevent undernutrition, the leading cause of deaths in children under five years.


Sponsor a mother’s breastfeeding kit, and ensure a baby’s optimum nutritionEach breastfeeding kit you will sponsor will encourage a mother to prioritize her own nutrition and that of her baby.  The breastfeeding kit consists of bag, scarf, 1 liter water bottle (for mom’s use), food container (for mom’s use), and milk feeding cup (for baby’s use).This bag will be useful for mothers and their infants, because they need a sizable and exclusive bag for their feeding and hygiene needs.  Breastfeeding messages printed in both sides of the bag are also reminders of the absolute importance of breastmilk to child survival.Successful breastfeeding is sometimes hampered because some moms are shy to breastfeed in public view.  The scarf responds to certain need of privacy in breastfeeding, and also useful for other purposes like shielding baby from the heat or cold.A pregnant and a lactating mother are both in need of sufficient nutrition in order to nurture their own children. Pregnant women need an additional 500-700 calories a day as well as extra protein and vitamins.  Women who are underweight before pregnancy and who gain little weight during pregnancy are particularly likely to give bith to babies with low birth weight, who are more likely to die as newborns than babies born at a healthy weight. Improving maternal nutritional status throughout the reproductive life cycle shows the most promise for reducingchild deaths and future disease burden.While drinking additional water does not produce additional milk, a lactating or even pregnant mom needs to drink water to help various body functions.  Mothers are recommended to drink a glass of water with meals and whenever she breastfeeds. Pregnant women need more water intake to support fetal circulation, amniotic fluid, and a higher blood volume.A feeding cup would be useful for babies whose mothers could not actually breastfeed because they are working mothers, or just away for awhile from their babies. In these kinds of situations, expressed milk must be given to the baby through the feeding cup with no spout.  Feeding cup with spout or feeding bottle is not advisable to use as the baby might get used to it and refuse feeding in the mother’s breast in the long run.