Sponsor Blog: Visiting my sponsored child

Thelma Anas, sponsor for 14 years, writes about her recent trip to Aklan, where she met her sponsored child who is graduating from High School.


I have been a World Vision sponsor for 14 years. I was not able to write to any of my sponsored children.   Last year, after resigning from my hectic job as head of finance, I decided to meet my sponsored child in Aklan since she would be graduating from High School.  I have been her sponsor for more than 10 years.  I saw her grow from a little girl to a lovely lady from the annual reports I got in the mail.  It’s high time I meet her.  So I got in touch with World Vision and told them that I will be willing to support Ma. Joren’s college education should she want to enroll.



I took the boat to Caticlan and finally met my sponsored child, Ma. Joren at the World Vision office in Kalibo, Aklan last  April 10, 2014.  She is a bit shy and was accompanied by her mother who was in tears when she met us.  We had lunch in the mall after the orientation on ADP Aklan. I was very happy to finally meet her. I was able to see her and talk to her in person.   I am glad that she will be going to college.  She will be taking up B.S. Agriculture.  



I would like to thank the World Vision staff particulary Len and Carol who have been very patient and accommodating.


I’m thinking of visiting another sponsored child in Cebu before the year ends.