Behind the Annual Progress Report

When a sponsor receives the Annual Progress Report of his or her sponsored child, it is always a special moment. Read about Demster Barte’s experience, World Vision’s Child Data Analyst in Antique as he shares stories behind creating the yearly report sponsors receive.


As a Child Data Analyst, preparing for the Annual Progress Report (APR) is very challenging. There is no one-fits-all efficient way for us, field staff, to engage children in this yearly activity.  The same goes for some children, too. We have to build a good aura in the room, through action songs and games, to relax them enough to write what they want their sponsors to know.



I can never forget one time when I first entered a room full of hyper and noisy children. It just took a little strum of a guitar and a song for them to participate in the activities for the APR writing. The children 7 years old and below are the most challenging to assist, especially when they do not have adult companions with them.



But all these hard work are worth the effort. Every time I make a child happily complete his/her APR, I feel immense fulfillment in my work. I feel like I have not only helped children complete their APR; I’ve also been God’s instrument in updating the people who have helped enriched their lives: their sponsors.




by Demster Barte / Child Data Analyst