Fun Ways to Celebrate Christmas with Kids


We Filipinos celebrate the longest Christmas in the world. It starts as soon as ‘ber months’ begin and ends sometime in January.

Come December, long weekends and official holidays are on. Schools have holiday breaks of at least two weeks which means more opportunities to bond with our children, nephews, nieces, godsons, and goddaughters! (Means you need a lot of energy drink, too!)

Long breaks, gift-giving and a lot of good food make Christmas the most sought-after occasion to kids and to kids-at-heart. And to make it more fun and exciting, here are some activities that we can try inside and outside of our homes:

1. Hit the beach.

December in the Philippines is sunny with a gentle breeze of cool winds – a perfect time for a quick dip! Pack those summer outfits and go to the nearest beach or pool. Build castle sands with those tiny fingers, let them play with the waves or teach them how to swim. Chase the sunset in the afternoon or watch the sunrise in the morning and don’t forget to bring floaters for their safety and always keep an eye to your little ones!

2. Go glamping.

Spending a night away from home will give toddlers a new experience. Pitch the tent with your little helpers, grill some marshmallows after dinner, tell stories over a bonfire and watch the moon and stars before you sleep. They will surely never forget a night as such. Look for a child-friendly campsite for a hassle-free camping experience and make sure to bring mosquito repellants.

3. Get the kids involved.

As adults, we are always caught up with lots of tasks, especially during the Holidays. Decorating our home, building a Christmas tree, cleaning the house and the yard, preparing dishes and wrapping gifts. We rumble things up and not know what to do first. Relax! Remember that this is also your chance to teach little humans to do simple chores. Let them hang the Christmas ornaments, clean the windows, wash the dishes or have them wrap their own gifts! It might just take us a little longer than usual but it will surely create beautiful memories.

4. Learn while on break.

Just because vacation mode is on doesn’t mean that our children will stop learning. In fact, they can still learn a lot of things even outside their schools. Bring them to a child-friendly museum and take them back to the nation’s history. Visit a zoo to meet and greet some wild and cute animals. Amusement parks can also be part of the list. An educational-talk about machines and pulleys and gravity. History and Science class on a holiday break? Why not?

5. Teach kids to be generous.

For sure we have prepared gifts for the children we know. But not all children get the chance to receive gifts. Some of them don’t even have food on their tables on Christmas Eve. It is a sad story to tell to children but there is a brighter side to that, we can do something about it! And we can have our kids involved. Share-a-toy, Share-a-Noche-Buena-meal, there are a lot of fundraising campaigns this Christmas that will surely make your heart grow and holidays extra special. Choose the one that is closest to your heart.

Generosity starts at home, and this is the best time to do it.

Also remember, while the kids can’t wait to open the gifts we have prepared for them, nothing will replace your presence and the memories we make with them. May this Christmas be one of their most unforgettable! Happy Holidays!


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