Ways to have a meaningful Lenten Season with your family!

Lent is a beautiful opportunity to reflect on the immeasurable love of Jesus Christ he has shown us more than 2000 years ago when he died on the cross.

Remembering His life, suffering, death and victorious resurrection enable us to find strength as we carry on and follow Him, even in the most challenging times.

While our current situation may limit us from doing what we usually do outdoors to observe the Holy Week, there are many ways to pause and reflect while in the comfort and safety of our homes or simply staying indoors.

  1. Commit to a time of prayer. Agree on a specific time when the members of the family will come together to pray and surrender everything to the Lord. Together, we can bring our requests, petitions and even our worries to the One who controls everything and knows what is best for us.
  2. Read a Bible passage and reflect on it. Open your Bible and be ready to listen to His voice. You can use devotional materials online to guide you in meditating God’s message to you each day. His Word will guide you and help you to be steadfast in faith whatever your circumstances are.
  3. Listen to worship and inspirational songs on your playlist. Music uplifts the mood and eases tension. Play those songs that will remind you on how faithful God has been yesterday, today and tomorrow.
  4. Find ways to serve. Like Christ, be willing to humble yourselves and serve other people in whatever ways you can. He gave His life for us. What is it that you can’t give to Him and to your brethren? In the Book of John, Jesus quoted: “Greater love has no one than this than to lay down one’s life for his friends.”
  5. Reduce or eliminate food or screen times. Instead, you can devote the time you normally spend in such activities to prayer and meditation. This way, you can listen and discern what God wants you to do.
  6. Make a gratitude list. On your journal during your quiet time, or on sticky notes during your family prayer time, write down things that God has blessed you with in the past weeks and months. Family, health, provision, breakthroughs are just some. For sure, there’ll be a lot of things to be grateful for!
  7. Have a simple celebration of the Easter at home. Christ’s triumph over death is something we Christians should celebrate. A lunch or dinner on Easter Sunday with your family will be a meaningful way to cap off the Holy Week.

May we all find HOPE in Christ. He died and has risen again, so mankind can be redeemed and receive life everlasting.

Have a blessed and meaningful Holy Week!