Gift of EDSA


You are a Flow-through in every breakthrough. It’s when God called you that the blessings you receive were meant for other people.

It was a rainy Friday night, everyone was rushing to go home. I tried to book a grab worth Php 233 for safety and comfort, yet God told me to take the bus instead. I obeyed. I walked through the bus stop —then waited for a bus with lesser people. Yet, this woman waved at me, “Kasya pa!” I was doubting if I’ll take that bus. With her kindness, I took the risk to be a “mandirigma” – Siksikan. Nakatayo.. and the rest was history!

I am waiting for God to move.

Ate Konduktora asked for my fare. She was the lady in red.
She said “Php 23 pesos lang po ma’am”.

I gave her the exact amount.

She caught my attention. It’s rarely that we find women to take charge of that crucial task. And I had the thought of giving her a gift.

I tried to look for a book inside my bag, yet found this envelope conservatively kept in between the pages of my Devo book.

It was my talent fee for Music session I had 2 weeks ago. God clearly spoke to me, “Give this full amount to her”.

I tried to negotiate in my mind with Him. “Lord, pwede bang half lang?”, but He convicted me “Give the gift in full.”

She opened it and was really surprised.
“Ma’am sigurado po kayo? Malaki po ito.”
I told her it was God’s Reward for you.
“Para sa’yo yan.”

She approached the old bus driver,
“Tay, bigay po sa atin. Gusto niyo po bang magpahinga na?” but her father said, “Isa pang ikot, hayaan muna nating makauwi ang mga tao.”

I really felt his genuine heart of service.
The Lord honors His heart.

She sat after few people alighted in Cubao. She got her bag then pulled-off some tissue paper. Suddenly, I saw the tears running down on her face —staring at the envelope.
She was in awe of His amazing grace!

One meter away, I can hear them sharing stories. I saw her reading a letter (torn paper from a notebook).

“Aba, at naglagay pa ng sulat ang anak ko.”

“To: Mama” Her child wrote a letter. I can’t read it from afar but I saw a glimpse of heaven. One of the words highlighted was, “Jesus”.

I am amazed that her child was praying to Jesus. Maybe for her family’s provision. It’s evident that when we pray for other people,it is soooo powerful! I was delighted how a Child-like faith really works.

God speaks to people. We just need to fully obey. Do not delay, nor do it partial.

The father told her, “Anak, uminom ka ng gamot. May tubig ako dito.” She pulled out the may-isang-piraso-pang-gamot in the “banig of medicine” that she had.

She looked back and said, “Ma’am salamat po sa pambili ng gamot para sa puso ko.”

I was almost in tears smiling at her. I am in awe of how obedience of a stranger affects the life of a person’s need.

Jesus loves you.
Jesus cares for you.
Jesus provides.

You are a vessel of God’s goodness.

Listen and Obey.
Take action.
Give hope.

Thank you Ate Janina for this “Flow-through” wisdom, and today it was evident on our Christian Dictionary.

Thank you Ms. Gheng for letting me instruct Kyle for music.

And Nico, this happened after our financial management convo, ang funny lang. Haha.

Php 23 pesos?
I was just reminded of Psalm 23,
“The Lord is my Shepherd”

Today, I pray for an increase of faith that God will just give you the confidence to trust Him on whatever He wants you to do —even if it doesn’t make sense at the moment.

Obedience unlocks understanding.
God is our ultimate reward.

Breakthrough = Flowthrough

#YesToFullObedience #FruitsOfMusic #WhenGodWritesYourEDSAStory

Written by: Anne Dominique Domingo


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