Child sponsorship – inspiring others to achieve more

by Teresita Rombaoa

Sponsor since 2005 (17 years)

Sixteen years ago, while shopping with my husband and two daughters in SM Megamall, we came across a World Vision booth. I discovered that World Vision works with both individuals and organizations to bring vulnerable communities out of poverty. The organization’s initiatives of providing education for out-of-school children especially caught my attention.

Being the youngest in a brood of eight, education did not come easy for me. There were times when my parents needed to sign promissory notes, just for us children to be allowed to take examinations and get our cards and scholastic records from the school. We have been so blessed to have parents who believed in the power of education. As I grew up and began to fulfill their dreams for me, I promised myself that I would advocate free education for those who cannot afford it. I knew that my current success was a result of being able to graduate, and I would like to pay it forward.

I started with 2 beneficiaries in 2005, one each for my 2 daughters. I told my daughters about my decision to become a child sponsor so that they will appreciate it and do the same.

When I became an Agency Leader at Pru Life UK, I made it a point to sponsor one more child for every achiever produced by our agency. I created a program called Achievers Club Aspirants (ACA). My achievers are happy knowing that their excellent work meant sponsoring a child’s education. Through the ACA, my beneficiaries grew to 11 kids in a matter of 17 years.

I would schedule yearly immersions with my achievers, visiting with our sponsored children in different provinces. We ask World Vision to arrange a meeting with the children in the city, together with their families. We would prepare programs, play with them, eat with them, and even shop with them. In response, they also prepared surprise numbers for us! What a delight to see their happy faces as they dance with Jollibee and enjoy the games!

The immersions brought even better results. Each of my achievers was inspired to also become a World Vision sponsor. Our number of sponsored children got multiplied by two!

Our sponsorship continued in spite of the pandemic, but unfortunately, we have to cancel our immersions. By the grace of God, we hope to do it again next year.

May this story inspire you as it has inspired me and my achievers to sponsor an out-of-school child and help them dream big again.



Child Sponsorship is more than just a monetary contribution. It brings Hope, Joy and Justice to vulnerable Filipino children. When you become a child sponsor, you are embarking on a mission to help empower the disadvantaged, respond to their most immediate needs when disasters happen, make health and education accessible for children, lead communities toward self-sufficiency through livelihood opportunities, and so much more. You do not just impact a child, you impact his or her community.