Celebrate Christmas differently

Christmas is fast approaching!

Many of us are already thinking of ways to celebrate the happiest season of the year – simbang gabi, family gatherings, gift-giving, parties and gastronomic feasts here and there! But how can we make this year’s celebration a bit different from the ones we did before?

Here’s a list of the things you might consider in giving you and your family’s Christmas a different kind of glow!

Here's a list of the things you might consider in giving you and your family's Christmas a different kind of glow!

1. Relive the Traditions

In a world where everything goes digital, some Christmas traditions are set aside. Christmas cards can now be replaced by e-greeting cards, masses are sometimes preferred to be watched on live streaming, and some children are no longer interested to go house-to-house for caroling. If you haven’t done some of the traditions for quite some time now, this is your chance to do so, especially when you have kids. Let them experience how we do it during our younger years.

Attend the simbang-gabi even if waking up at 4 in the morning is quite a challenge. As a reward, treat yourselves with a puto-bumbong before going home. Send some distant loved-ones a Christmas card or a postcard. Handwritten notes never go out of style. How about serenading your relatives with Christmas carols on a family gathering? Don’t stop until they hand you some ‘pamasko’.

Filipino Christmas traditions are very rich and those are what make our Christmas not just the longest, but the most special.

2. Reciprocate

Remember those people who never missed an occasion to send their thoughts? She might be your aunt who bought your dream sneakers, or he could be that godfather who gave you special concert tickets. Think of those people who always make you feel loved and cared for. This is the best time to give back the favor. Surprise them with a thank you note or with a box of goodies or just simply spend an afternoon with them over coffee. Do something for them that they will never forget.

3. Go green!

How much does a single wrapper cost? Only to be ripped off and be thrown away as trash? This year, why not try to be extra creative in wrapping up your gifts?
Old paper bags from department stores, boutiques and from the gifts you have received can serve their purpose – again. (Don’t forget to remove the labels and tags, though.) Newspapers and magazines can also make a great wrapper when artistically done. And that abaca in your floral bouquet last Valentine? It will make a great piece with a ribbon or a lace. Be creative. Not only will you save money, but this is also eco-friendly!

4. Update Your  List

Who are on your Christmas shopping list? Colleagues, friends, relatives, the long list goes on. There’s nothing wrong about surprising the people closest to your heart with simple gifts.

This time, however, you might want to update your list and add some people who do not usually make it up to anyone’s Christmas list but who are always there for us to assist us in our needs.

Who are they? That guard who welcomes you everyday with a “good morning” and makes sure you are safe within your office premises might be so happy to receive a mug or a tumbler. And yes, that person who makes sure your washrooms are clean and the pantry area is always organized, a towel or a pair of socks would make a great gift.

It doesn’t need to be too fancy. As always, it’s the thought that counts.

5. Give a Gift that Lasts

One of the highlights of a Pinoy Christmas celebration is the joy of gift-giving. After the mass, we gather around the table, eat together, and exchange gifts. This simple act of thoughtful giving and sharing puts smiles on family members’ faces and it gives lasting memory to most children. It can possibly change their lives.
This year, why not give a needy child the gift of Child Sponsorship. When you pledge, you will not just help a child have life-changing basics like education, clean water, health and nutrition and more, you are also helping his/her family rise above the hurdles of poverty.

This Christmas will be more meaningful when we share the JOYS that this season brings.

Have a joyful celebration of Holidays!

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