After the flood


“More than losing our house, I feel bad about my destroyed corn field. I was supposed to use the income for my 8-year-old child’s medication. She became deaf a year ago but I didn’t have money to bring her to a specialist. She had to stop school because of this and now, her speech is starting to slur.”—Roger, 43/Photo by Joy Maluyo



“The only source of water in our village was also submerged. My only child, Slytter had amoebiasis when he drank from it. My family now relies on rainwater. I still worry about him but we have no other choice.”—Marivic, 40/Photo by Joy Maluyo



“We’ve been here at the evacuation centre for two weeks now. The flood in my village has not yet subsided. The local government is providing us with food and water but I want to go home. It’s too cold for my 1-year-old baby to sleep on the floor. He has cough and fever now. Most children are also getting sick.”—Nene, 28/Photo by Joy Maluyo



“My husband died several days after drinking from the floodwater. We’re used to doing it but after the water subsided, he started having stomach aches. He didn’t want to be checked, maybe because he knew we didn’t have money to pay for medication.”—Apolonia, 64/Photo by Dexter Gamboa



“We bathe here, wash our clothes here, fish from here. This river is life to us. We’re used to getting drinking water from here although as a father to eight children, sometimes I still fear that they might get sick, especially after the non-stop rains in the past weeks.”—Aridi, 42/Photo by Dexter Gamboa



“I’ve been living here for many years now but I’ve never experienced a flood as bad as this. I didn’t expect to lose my house that fast. We now have to rebuild as fast as we can so our children could have a comfortable place to live in. Hopefully this coming tropical storm will not worsen our situation.”—Archie,30/Photo by Dexter Gamboa


World Vision in the next days will be distributing water purification kits (P&G water purifier packets, filter cloth, jerry cans) and hygiene kits (toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, alcohol, face towel, comb, sanitary napkin, bath and laundry soaps) to complement the government’s on-going relief efforts. World Vision targets to initially serve 2,500 families in the municipalities of Loreto and La Paz. World Vision/February 4, 2017


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