A child’s Christmas wish: ‘To see my mother’

CAMARINES SUR – World Vision-sponsored child and child leader Mai shares that she is hopeful of seeing her mother this Christmas.

“I haven’t seen my mother in six years since she flew to Saudi Arabia for work. She’s never been back home since. Although my father takes care of my siblings and me, it still feels different when we’re complete,” she says.

She adds, “She would still send messages to my siblings and me almost every day to check on us. She reassures us that she loves us; I am not going to give up on my dream that someday, we’ll be complete.”

Every holiday season, her extended family members from his father’s side would come to visit to celebrate Christmas. Whenever she notices her mother not being around, the thought saddens her.

It is in moments like these that she finds solace in the words of God. “It is my source of comfort in times of trouble. When I read the Bible, I feel safe in the words of God,” says 16-year-old Mai.

As an early Christmas gift, Mai and other children in her community received a Bible from World Vision. The organization aims to give out 48,000 Bibles in all World Vision-assisted areas throughout the entire Philippines.

“We’re giving the Bible to the children as a way of guiding them in their faith; it’s also part of their well-being to experience God’s love,” says Pastor Choy Magdaong, World Vision Faith and Development Manager.

Likewise, World Vision Operations Director Ajab-Aram Macapagat hopes that the children who have received a copy of the Bible will create a stronger relationship with God.

“My advice to you is that if you are facing troubles or feeling down and starting to lose that sense of hope, let us read the Bible. That way, the guidance that we may be seeking may be found in God’s comforting words,” he says.

Those words ring true with Mai who oftentimes seeks comfort in the words of God. “For me, the Bible is a weapon because when I read it, I know I am protected by His words,” the child says.

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